Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Outrageous Opening for an Outrageous Film

Actors Rebekah Kochin, Daniel Skelton, and Ryan Adames

The audience at the Roxie Theater was tingling with excitement for the premiere of the third in a series of "Eating Out" gay comedy movies on Sept. 9, 2009, especially because they knew that they were going to meet cast members. "Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat" started out with a bang and the outrageous plot and the shocking and funny scenes continued almost nonstop to the delight of the guests who found themselves at the trendy Mission District venue.

Inventive actress Rebekah Kochan, who starred in all three films, made the boldest statement to the fans of the series with her “If you like cock you will love this film” outburst. And frontal male nudity is an attraction of the films, though surprisingly it is not gratuitous. And she gets some of the most clever lines and she knows how to bend them for more impact.

Handsome lead actor Daniel Skelton drew admiring glances and those were from the audience members who disagreed with some of the film’s characters’ remarks that only heavily muscled guys are attractive. And alluring Ryan Adames played a threatening hunk in the film but he was impossibly cute and friendly off screen at the Roxie, for another magic of the movies twist.

Movie moments that had the audience yelling:
A de-forestation scene that outdoes "The Forty-Year-Old Virgin" by a factor of 10, the aftermath of sex in a speeding car (who hasn’t tried That?), an ejaculatory door-marking, and a straight go-go dancer as a gay love guru. But even with its raunchiness, it is subtle compared to scenes in Todd Stephens' "Another Gay Sequel."

Director Glenn Gaylord announced that the whole cast is gay except for Kochan, which is remarkable that so many gay performers showed up for the parts in Hollywood. Executive Producer (for all three films) Michael Jack Shoel spoke about the making of the film and Producer Kirk Cruz gave a talk about the reality of independent film financing in 2009. He mentioned that there were a couple fine films at the recent Outfest that will not be picked up for distribution, and that the situation will become more difficult in the future. The cast stressed that as many people as possible should see this film in the first weeks to help the overall gay independent film market, and in advance of the Nov. 10 DVD release.

Popular John Waters film star Mink Stole has a wonderful part as the helpful aunt, and effervescent Leslie Jordan of "Sordid Lives" does a great job with the older gay man at the queer center as an advisor part.

There are lessons from the film: Online dating and hookups can become overly complicated as the false identities multiply (This can be overheard daily in the Castro’s cafes as guys meet up for the first time), and check out a room for cell phones that may be filming your sex acts that may end up on the internet.

The cast ended their Roxie appearance with an invitation to the audience to join them at a film party at the Lookout Bar, with Kochan
pointing out which of her co-stars are single and eager to get lucky.

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