Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Brokeback Fair in the City

Steven Satyricon and Tod practicing on each other in the kissing booth

The AIDS Emergency Fund (AEF) scored another fundraising success with their County Fair at San Francisco’s County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park on May 31, 2009. The Western theme was picked up and run away with by chanteuses Connie Champagne and Arturo Galster, and of course, studly Bill Holt in his pink cowboy hat. Winslow Associate’s Neil Figurelli expertly coordinated the event with the AEF and a small army of smiling volunteers.

The AIDS Emergency Fund and its affiliated Breast Cancer Emergency Fund assist people who are suffering with disabling illness. Clients, employees, and volunteers joined to make the fair fun and successful.

Singer Connie Champagne thrilled the large, boisterous crowd with her fine rendition of “Stand By Your Man” decked out in a satin cowgirl outfit. She is starring in the upcoming re-mounting of the Cockettes classic “Pearls Over Shanghai.” Arturo Galster as Patsy Cline, beautifully gowned, served up an introduction about the Proposition 8 fundamentalists and then sang “Crazy.”

Sundance Saloon male dancers performed a six-man line dance, and then Christy Cote and Mila Salazar, who also dance at the Sundance Saloon, took a couple close turns around the floor. Then Ron Jenkins and Protis Phiranis showed off their Country-Western moves.

The AEF was very thoughtful in providing a large quantity of food tickets for each guest and the taste treats were extraordinary. The best sweet potato fries, buttered corn on the cob, creamy coleslaw, and onion-covered chicken sandwiches hit the spot for the city guys who imagined that they were out in the California countryside. Blue Angel Vodka, a beverage sponsor, was liberally poured, and it even found its way into the lemonade!

There were booths with games, but the booth that had fair-goers stopped in their tracks was the kissing booth. The stuff that dreams are made of, handsome Steven Satyricon and Tod, were warming up for visitors with two-tongue exercises and deep kissing. Satyricon is a professional dancer and actor, and he is a guest star in the monthly SF Boylesque shows. The leather arm band toss onto dildos was another popular booth, and some guys played Roller Bowler just to get near smoking hot Thomas, who ran the game.

AEF executive director Mike Smith headed a team of pie-tasters, and passersby nervously watched them to make sure that the sampling was not too extensive. When they finished and picked a winner, a horde of diners descended on the pies to devour them and check each other out at close quarters.

Hundreds of desirable men and some women enjoyed the fair and there was heavy cruising around the silent auction items.

Prominent guests included attorney Walter Parsley and his friend MUMC president Steve Adams, District 8 city supervisor contenders Rebecca Prozan and Scott Wiener, San Francisco treasurer Jose Cisneros, Project Open Hand executive director Tom Nolan, San Francisco city supervisor Bevan Dufty and family, and the Health Commission’s Jim Illig.

Honorees included Congressional Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s aide Dan Bernal and generous event soundman Randal Schiller. Mark Paladini, Liz Baldwin, Lance Brittain, and Stacy Aldrich were also honored.

Sister Roma and provocative Rafael Musni kept the event moments moving, and Randal Schiller’s sound brought their commentary to every corner of the vast space.

[Photo caption: 5/31/09 — The AIDS Emergency Fund's County Fair at San Francisco's County Fair Building. Steven Satyricon and Tod practiced on each other at the kissing booth. A rousing city Brokeback experience with dancing, a dildo ring toss, and great food and drink treats.]

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