Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Leather Alliance Dinner: 44 Years of Service With Leather and Fetish

Performer Clint and friend

On March 5–7 the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance presented a splendid Leather Bound Weekend. The March 5 kickoff dinner at the Hotel Whitcomb set the stage for a celebration of leather, motorcycle clubs, and fetishes. Community awards were bestowed upon worthy individuals and groups, and tables full of guests loudly applauded the honorees. The three Mr. San Francisco Leather contestants were presented and they impressed with provocative fantasies. There was an almost equal number of women and men at the dinner, and they freely mingled and caroused.

The SF Bay Area Leather Alliance is a volunteer organization that provides public service and grants for members who are recovering from motorcycle crashes and illness. There is bonding and camaraderie, and the members enjoy being with others who receive fulfillment from volunteering.

The Leather Alliance was formed when The Inter-Club Fund of San Francisco and The Leather Forum merged in 2008. The Inter-Club Fund was one of the earliest LGBT groups, dating back to 1966.

The dinner featured the Mr. SF Leather Contest, and it has been choosing a leader and a spokesman for the leather community for 32 years now.

One of the most outrageous events of the Inter-Club Fund was the CMC Carnival — a large, erotically charged bacchanal held in basements, cab garages, and warehouses. Now the group presents the Leather Alley at the annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration, as well as group motorcycle rides and a holiday volunteer appreciation party.

BubblinSugare was bestowed the Entertainer of the Year Award by hosts Lenny Broberg and Donna Sachet

Hosts Donna Sachet and Lenny Broberg expertly wove the scheduled events together and exhibited excellent repartee. Broberg warned the judges that Sachet lusted for them. Sachet denied it almost to the end of the evening, and then requested extra cocktails for the judges so that they would be immobilized. The audience hung on every clever sarcastic remark and sharp comeback. Hopefully Sachet and Broberg will host this year’s live San Francisco Pride Parade television broadcast.

Scott Peterson (left) and friends

Notable guests included Powerhouse Bar manager Scott Peterson, who not only bought a table for his employees, but he also generously served them drinks throughout the evening.

Contestant Robbie Leonard

Contestant Stefanos Tiziano

Contestant Lance Holman

Leather clothing designer and master stylist Troy Anicete prepared stunning Mr. SF Leather contestant Robbie Leonard, and youths Clint and Rachel took the brunt of contestant Stefanos Tiziano’s faux stage fantasy brutality. Striking contestant Lance Holman won the title and his stage fantasy of surprising a burglar during a shower and forcefully subduing, beating and sexually mauling the perp was being discussed in awe for days afterwards.

Dykes on Bikes secretary Soni Wolf described her two years of service on the San Francisco LGBT Pride Board, stressing the importance of a leather presence and her organizing experience.

Katie Brown accepted the Most Visible Community Organization Award for the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes

President Dahn Van Laarz with Seth Munter who was recognized with the Frank Benoit Award

A lot of hard work and time went into the weekend’s event, and much of the credit goes to Leather Alliance president Dahn Van Laarz, who intuitively drew the best out of group members, and to dinner program designer Bill Hollabaugh. Both have tirelessly worked for the betterment of the leather/biker/fetish community for years and they have the skill to coordinate popular future events.

This journalist has a connection to the Leather Alliance, attending many of the Inter-Club Fund events since the early 70s and having been voted a 2006 Motorcycle Awards "Man of the Year." Hopefully more members and groups will join the Leather Alliance so that its future will be assured by young acolytes.

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