Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Internet-Inspired Poetry Book Release Party at the LGBT Center

Musician Andre dos Santos Morgan, author Robert Philipson, and drummer Nancy Geimar

Cool music and a friendly audience saluted author and videographer Robert Philipson at his poetry book release party at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center on May 22 — Harvey Milk Day in California.

Even though the new holiday honoring Harvey Milk drew large crowds to more than a dozen venues, Philipson was fĂȘted by a sizable group of fellow Oakland citizens, and some fans from Marin and Danville. His family also joined to hear jazz/R&B musician Andre dos Santos Morgan on keyboard and Nancy Geimar on percussion before Philipson read, Q&A’ed, and then mingled in the Center’s 4th floor Ceremonial Room.

Morgan was exceptional in creating a mood with his unique music, and the sound system that was brought in certainly helped. His CDs are something to be experienced and are highly recommended.

The book “Very Good-Looking Seeks Same: Gay Profiles in Search of Love” is inspired by the male-on-male personal ads on the internet. There was a lot of lust and sexuality to wade through to get to the love part, and the gathering enjoyed the humor. The direct approach to the narrow types that were wanted was harsh but also realistic for many.

This journalist may be too used to Bruce Vilanch jokes that are more biting and topical with multiple meanings, and Tom Ammiano political humor (“Those gay Republicans! Their motto is We’re Here! We’re Queer! We’re Sorry!”) to relate to the book.

The wine and taste treat reception following the reading was jovial and books were signed and introductions made all around. Jack Vincent, the partner of much-missed acclaimed filmmaker Marlon Riggs made an appearance and greeted fellow Oaklanders, as did author Philipson’s editing teacher Peter Freund.

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