Monday, December 20, 2010

The Michael Brandon Leather Benefit party at the Edge: A Contrast Between Volunteers

Michael Brandon and Boy Gabriel

There could not be much more of a contrast between the two groups of volunteers at Michael Brandon’s Leather Party benefit for Project Open Hand at the Edge Bar on Dec. 17. Open Hand’s volunteers who sold raffle tickets at the party looked like the casual, well-covered bar-hoppers that pack the local bars. Brandon’s volunteers looked and performed like erotic screen and stage performers and wore only bulging underwear and sneakers.

Go-go boy Element

The title of the event was “Edge-ing” which alludes to a torturous sex act and sexual magnetism was exuded by go-go dancer Element and Jello-O shot salesman Boy Gabriel. Host and primal erotic film star Brandon also danced provocatively in a jockstrap on stage when he took a break from MC’ing. Open Hand executive director Tom Nolan braved the packed heavy-cruising crowd to meet and greet the guests and he was happy to hear that $400 was raised for his organization. Bar manager Terry Penn was beautifully dressed as a voluptuous helper to Santa Claus and attentive party coordinator Gary Virginia adjusted the sound and staging. Leather Party co-founder Michael Dumont was introduced and he is well-known as someone equally comfortable in glamorous drag and in a leather uniform when appearing as a former Emperor of San Francisco.

Michael Brandon and Gary Virginia

In a neighborhood infamous for its Castro Triangle of bars that are not generous to worthy charities, the Edge stands out as a haven for non-profit organizations.

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