Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marga Gomez’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular: The New Year’s Comedy Blastoff

Host John Fisher and comic Marga Gomez

Marga Gomez sold out two New Year’s Eve Comedy Spectacular shows to benefit Theatre Rhinoceros at the Victoria Theatre in the Mission on Dec. 31. She cleverly asked first for gays, then lesbians, and then bisexuals to applaud. Then she tailored her humor to match the audience’s majority of lesbians, and she told a series of intense vagina jokes.

The media was lavishly praised from the stage for its successful promotion, and Gomez had a lot to with it — with her hilarious responses to writers’ questions. One example was that she said that she had a rough 2010, spending three months on Facebook.

There are few hosts in the Bay Area as exuberant as John Fisher, who was also the show’s producer. His enthusiasm helped to dissipate the audible disappointment that occurred when he announced that opening act Casey Ley’s flight to San Francisco was blocked by a blizzard. Ley’s fine comedy is matched by his cute smile and uninhibited material.

Filipino-American comic Nico Santos was the last minute replacement for Ley, and he gave a lower energy array of jokes to the 7PM show than he gave to the 9PM show. He did receive loud laughs for his description of a Filipino Christmas cake that someone had scrawled “Happy Birthday Jesus” next to the candles.

The middle act was transsexual comic Natasha Muse who quickly mentioned the disparaging titles that have been attached to her that include: Lady Boy, She Male, and Shim. She said that she prefers to be called Natasha, which drew some laughs and clapping. Muse said that people find transsexuals interesting, especially right after they have had sex with her, and that a film favorite of hers is “300” which she said is gay porn masquerading as an historical movie.

Marga Gomez began her set by announcing that it was her 10th and final New Year’s Eve benefit for Theater Rhinoceros, and that she was “quitting at her sexual peak.” Her fantasy for the next New Year’s Eve is to be immersed in a bubble bath with young women twins.

Gomez was full of surprises, and she did not criticize Sarah Palin for her mindless reactionary politics and her denial of evolution (she speaks often of seeing a human footprint inside of a dinosaur’s at a creationist roadside “museum”), her gun-craziness, or her annoying sarcastic tone of voice when belittling liberals, but she savaged her for her spending $200,000 on campaign clothing.

Gomez’s continuing assault on the digital takeover of our lives manifested itself in this show when she thanked iconic entertainer and charity fundraiser Juanita More for her beautiful mailed holiday card, and trashed the sending of emailed greetings. And she delved into social commentary when she described the trendy gay party guys who have dumped their non-dancing lesbian friends, including Gomez, for straight women who have the same male body part interests and mood elevation tastes.


Then she introduced the event’s DJ who calls himself O’DJ, and pointed out that he volunteers his fine services for numerous non-profits. DJ O’DJ usually causes the most primal male lust because of his good looks and magnetism, but at this show his faux fur hat and vest that showed off his arms, and the sprayed-on silver pants caused a lust mixed with confusion.

Gomez has come a long way from her early shows at the Valencia Rose and Josie’s Juice Joint, where this journalist enjoyed her humor, and she will be starring in multiple future performances. Check out her website at

Comics Casey Ley, Marga Gomez, and Natasha Muse promoting their New Years Eve Spectacular on Castro Street on December 18

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