Monday, February 14, 2011

Mike Shriver’s Photography Show Opening: An Artistic Event for a Good Cause

Activist and photographer Mike Shriver

HIV/AIDS activist Mike Shriver has expanded his creativity into nature and sports photography, and his fans and passersby were able to see his hummingbird images show opening at the Castro Country Club on Feb. 11.

Shriver is a beloved former San Francisco AIDS Czar who has battled the police at peaceful rallies, hospital bureaucrats, and politicians to stay alive and to assure a future for people impacted by AIDS and HIV. He has overcome multiple obstacles, and observing his heavily shielded camera reveals that because of his health problems it has been dropped and smacked against walls.

Shriver chose one of nature’s most difficult subjects when he decided to photograph the magical, high-speed birds in the Golden Gate and Dolores Parks. He took on the elusive photographic prey as he has taken on some of the most insurmountable tasks in our society — and he was successful. The beautifully framed photographs are for sale, and the Country Club has received 100% of the $1,500.00 in purchase prices.

Shriver was a major part of the coordination of this year’s National AIDS Memorial Grove anniversary, and Grove board member Gina Gatto was joined by supporters Marge Boric and Marsha Raulston to congratulate Shriver at the show. He also photographs the new sport of bike polo, and some of the young people who dare to charge into each other on bicycles were there to encourage their photographer.

The Castro Country Club is a living-sober refuge that saves lives, and it is involved in a fund raising campaign to buy their building. Sources have made it clear that a new obstacle may make that goal more difficult. They say that more than $250,000 will be needed to re-build the structure and its foundation.

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