Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Imperial Court Investiture at the Infusion Lounge: The Beginning of a Glorious Reign

More than 100 elegantly dressed Imperial Court members and supporters appeared at the futuristic Infusion Lounge on April 3 to celebrate the investiture of the new Empress Saybeline and Emperor Frankie. Colorful, rich brocades competed with shimmering satins and organza for attention.

Infusion has been the striking site of many recent remarkable LGBT community events thanks to Michael Costa, who helps manage the venue. There was a bountiful buffet and guests enjoyed meeting the attractive young man who surprisingly directs traffic in the ultra modern unisex bathroom.

Former Empress China Silk kept track of the performers list and graciously introduced MCs Jason Ladd and Collette Le Grande. Former Emperor Berlin sang the national anthem in his own unique style—he and former Emperor John Weber are well known for singing professionally from the back of the annual Leatherwalk truck. Rev. Lyle Beckman gave a blessing for the new empress and emperor. Weber was dressed in grand Mardi Gras style in a brocade frock coat and bowler.

The Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco was represented by their new cute artistic director William Sauerland and hunky board member Jim Oerther, and they were quick to promote their upcoming concerts and future musical creations.

Chanel Cologne was surrounded by her escorts George Langford and David Newberg. Mr. Golden Gate State Gay Rodeo John Paul Soto arrived with his Baron Chris Benson. Besotted couple Grand Duke Jason Husted and Christopher Humphreys spent much of the evening wrapped around each other as the enjoyed their first year together, and took breaks to greet friends.

Grand Duchess Cookie Dough and performer Steven Satyricon were on stage with Bebe Sweetbriar in a hooker and john drama, as was Landa Lakes with Miso Hornay, U-Phoria, and Becky Motor Lodge, in a stylish and animalistic high-energy dance.

Sleek Patty McGroin paraded through the afternoon fête in a red and silver sparkled gown, and Stockton’s Empress Uneke Chanel joined China Silk at her stage show command table. Former Emperor Stephen Dorsey and former Empress Renita Valdez spoke with fans and enjoyed the stage show.

A high point of the show was when young shirtless stud Maxwell Lynch danced gracefully with ostrich plumes while former Empress Chablis lip-synched. Elaborately dressed Empress Saybeline and Emperor Frankie bestowed certificates of honor on their subjects throughout the afternoon, and all were appreciative of being recognized.

The next big Imperial event is the Sacramento Coronation on April 16, and that will give anyone who feels that they were short-changed because they have not received an invitation to the British Royal Wedding a chance to be submerged in pomp. Gold crowns, velvet robes, Elizabeth Taylor-sized jewels, beautiful men dressed in glamorous drag, handsome men dressed in heavily-medaled uniforms, and stunning women wearing drag and uniforms await guests to an event that will have a sizable San Francisco Imperial presence.

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