Monday, May 30, 2011

The Elizabeth Taylor Party at the Lookout: A Spectacle Benefit to Honor a Great Star

There was a spectacle to honor actress Elizabeth Taylor at the Lookout bar on May 27 that rivaled their other raucous events. The Lookout is not a part of the Castro Triangle of bars that rarely allow fundraisers, and their tempting bartenders sometimes leap from behind the bar to become pageant contestants.

The party was a benefit for AIDS/LifeCycle and Project Inform, and both are worthy charities that need support. AIDS/LifeCycle is an event sponsored by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and their Executive Director Neil Giuliano conferred with co-host Donna Sachet, while the other co-host Sister Pat N Leather MC’ed. The event was sponsored by Stoli Vodka and the Lookout and a large crowd yelled enthusiastically for the performers. Sachet wowed the audience with a dance in a shimmering golden gown and a Pharaoh’s flail and shepard’s crook, that echoed dancing scenes in Taylor’s monumental film "Cleopatra."

Hunky bare-chested Stoli Men Brandon, Devin, Chad, Evan, and Bunny were persuasive at selling Jello-O shots and raffle tickets. DJ John LePage put out cools sounds and the drink specials were popular. Guests gathered around champion fundraiser Deana Dawn in awe, because of her convincing illusion of Taylor when she was at the height of her beauty. Stunning Dawn wore a faux diamond-studded white gown, with glittering bracelets on her long white gloves, with more sparkles around her neck and dangling from her ears. Café Flore manager Gary Virginia hovered nearby to protect Dawn from possibly infatuated straight men, and gay men approached reverentially to compliment her for her total effect, from her silver heels to her Hollywood fluff hairdo. Former Empress Cockatelia came out of her usual exquisite drag, as if in a tribute to Dawn, and he also commented on the fine impersonation.

Lots of much needed funds were raised for the two beneficiaries and it was an all around good time for everyone.

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