Saturday, July 23, 2011

The GAPA Happy Hour at the Lookout Bar: Cocktails and a Runway Pageant Kickoff

Chi Chi la Woo (out of drag) and Keri Hanna

The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) hosted a crowded and friendly gathering for their Happy Hour at the Lookout Bar across the street from CafĂ© Flore in the Castro district on July 21. Promotion of GAPA’s Runway Pageant was a key impetus for the event, and the complexities of the pageant’s production was a leading topic over cocktails and complimentary pizza.

Glamorous Keri Hanna, the partner of popular South Bay comic Marty Grimes worked the room to get a feeling for her possible competition for Miss GAPA this year. Former Miss GAPA Chi Chi la Woo appeared out of drag in a sleek suit and he conferred with GAPA Second Princess Marijoy Tabatsoy, who also skipped his drag but he did wear his sash with some highly elevated masculine attire.

One of the most experienced GAPA party promoters and hosts, Ken Hamai, was the party's center of attention. Again this year he will be hosting the GAPA Runway VIP Reception, which is a wondrous hour of exciting guests both in and out of thrilling drag, fine liquor and wine, and gourmet fusion taste treats that starts at 5:45 PM on Aug. 13. The show starts on time at 7:00 PM.

Marijoy Tabatsoy (out of drag) and Keri Hanna

Runway is a unique pageant because of emcee Tita Aida’s talent for drawing out the best of the Miss and Mr. GAPA contestants, and because of the almost continuous, hilarious situations that have the audience laughing with the title-seekers. It is a fantastic pageant experience for a good cause that should not be missed.

The Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center is the event beneficiary.

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