Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crude Awakening Oil Wrestling for Gulf Spill Relief

Faeries Oliver, Zak, Jamison, (name deleted per request), Abel Diego, and Kyle

Sexual tension and stares met the antics of Radical Faerie guys who wrestled in Wesson oil (the favorite for college orgies worldwide) on a sidewalk mattress at the Tower Records site in the Castro near Café Flore on June 20.

Oliver, Zak, Jamison, Abel Diego, and Kyle joined more than a dozen others to furiously tangle with each other to benefit the Florida Wild Mammal Association.

Petroleum globs are now reaching Florida’s Panhandle, which makes the happy writhing of studs for charity appropriate and praiseworthy. The event was sponsored by Comfort and Joy and Nomenus, the faerie core group. Checking them out online and also their faerie sanctuaries at Short Mountain in Tennessee and Wolf Creek in Oregon will give an understanding of the group’s philosophy and views of reality.

While the guys who wrestled are not in any way the full range of faeries — who are aged from late teens to mid-80s, from short haired and reserved to earthy and wildly hirsute — it was a fine display and promotion for a way of life and thinking that is outside the mass of gay life.

The wrestling was just one event in a series that are happening during the Faetopia Festival being held upstairs at the former Tower Record site from Monday, June 21 through Saturday, June 26. Utopian yoga is on for Thursday with one of San Francisco’s most impressive teachers Stuart Siegel, also known as Yoga Daddy, and sex-positive yoga by Ian Waisler and Jerry is occurring on Friday.

Performance art, workshops, cinema, and local artists’ work in the commercial space is an example of how creativity can be shared.
The week’s wonderful, fulfilling events can be checked out at playajoy.org/faetopia, and the event is also sponsored by the hard-working charmers at Café Flore.

Faetopia Festival
(Inside the old Castro Tower Records space)
2278 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

To view more photos from the event, visit flickr.com/rinkfoto.

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