Monday, June 21, 2010

The San Francisco LGBT Community Center’s Pride Party: A Fifth Anniversary Blowout on Four Floors

Sisters flank the Academy of Art's David Lynam and Sue Rowley, and The Center's Rebecca Rolfe

The Academy of Art University sponsored the San Francisco LGBT Community Center’s fifth annual Pride Party on June 19 — and they supported The Center in a big way. Sue Rowley, the Academy’s Executive Vice President of Education and International Admissions/Services, resoundingly spoke about her honor to speak at the celebration.

More than 100 guests at the roof deck margarita soirée listened avidly as Rowley mentioned that her girlfriend liked the word "elated" to sum up her joy in joining the tradition of diversity of San Francisco Pride and among the Academy’s students from over 100 countries. Rowley said that diversity makes some people uncomfortable and scares others, but that it is necessary for good changes to happen. She stated that the Academy stands with the LGBT community as neighbors and with a shared vision that people of all cultures and backgrounds should be given the opportunity for their contributions, artistic and otherwise, to be made to society. And she encouraged the community to reach out to the Academy for support in the future.

DJ Christopher Berini

The sound and music at the soirée was excellent thanks to DJ Christopher Berini, who is blonde and handsome and wholesome-looking in a field where that look stands out.

Hunky filmmaker David Lynam joined Rowley to represent the Academy of Art. His short film "Gay People's Court: Fashion Beat Down" was shown recently at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

Preceding Rowley’s talk at the event was The Center’s Executive Director Rebecca Rolfe, and the party’s co-chair Wes Freas and board chair Debbie Chau also spoke to the multitude who had mobbed the margarita bars.

Bob Michitarian, Paul and friend

Aaron and Taylor manning the Taylor’s Tonics booth

Aaron Dolson, who is well-known as the guy who mounts the fine Tingel Tangel shows at Café du Nord, was manning a Taylor’s Tonics soda booth at the event. "Strong flavors" as a description for these tonics does not even come close, and the caffeine level had one stud saying that he was going to drink a couple cupfuls and take a guy he spotted up the street to Beck’s Motor Lodge.

Jessica Ridge, Erin Smith, and Jerime Black

Jessica Ridge, Erin Smith, and Jerime Black were pouring at the Barefoot Wine & Bubbly booth and sharing a rainbow feather boa. Barefoot is celebrating 20 years of support with San Francisco Pride and their continuing generosity was appreciated on Saturday afternoon.

A couple of the friendly margarita booth workers

Comic Marga Gomez was the headliner of the entertainers, and she was again a big stage success. Unfortunately the Rainbow Room’s heat again turned some guests around at the door, so they missed the performances. The food, the raffles, and the open bars made for a successful fifth anniversary for The Center.

Sue Rowley, Rebecca Rolfe and David Lynam

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