Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tenderloin Health’s Early Summer Sunset Cruise: A Cruise on the Bay for a Good Cause

Andy Chen and David L. Fernandez of Tenderloin Health with honorees Barbara Garcia and Amy Lyons

There was a beautiful sunset on San Francisco Bay for the guests on this year’s Tenderloin Health cruise near the Golden Gate Bridge on June 17. The Chardonnay Commodore glided across the water and then returned for a below deck ceremony, and it was an exciting change from past year’s penthouse soirées.

Tenderloin Health provides housing and social services to the Tenderloin District’s homeless, poor, and vulnerable residents with respect and compassion.

Host Geoffrey Grier showing his soap promoting the San Francisco Recovery Theatre

Host Geoffrey Grier expertly explained each speaker’s impact on Tenderloin Health’s clients and new executive director David L. Fernandez elaborated on the fine work of the staff and volunteers of the agency. Board chair Andy Chen elaborated on the need for additional funding considering the present financial situation. Poet Mark Myers, a client, read from his work and spoke about his future social work classes at City College, thanks to Tenderloin Health. Avantika Nath, a San Francisco Department of Public Health dentist spoke expansively about overcoming distrust of the clients and being able to help them at the agency office, instead of at an unfamiliar site.

Honoree Barbara Garcia is San Francisco’s Deputy Director of Health, and she oversees community programs and over 2,000 employees who work tirelessly to try to alleviate the ravages of homelessness and poverty. Amy Lyons accepted the honorary sculpture for the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, a charitable organization that supports improvement in the quality of life.

Avantika Nath and Zareh Amirkhanian

Though docked, the ship rocked during the ceremonies, so that honorees had to hold onto the microphone tightly for support, which drew knowing laughter from the guests who held onto each other.

Your American Original Eric Ward

Your American Original Eric Ward provided the songs and music with his combo toward the end of the evening as guests checked out the silent auction, and it evoked Las Vegas’ top lounge performances. His CD is an incredible collection of highly professional sounds and rhythms that is recommended.

There was a rush for the finale of the auction and then careful departures with assistance from the ship’s crew for those who enjoyed their wine, and there was all-around agreement that Tenderloin Health outdid themselves this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Troy Brunet and John Kiltinen

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